FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS co-production Prado&Alkantara Festival

“Friends with Benefits” was an invitation by the Alkantara Festival’s director Thomas Walgrave to carry out romantic rendez-vous between unlikely pairs of artists and blind dates for the audience.
A space where artists could invite other artists: their teachers, their secret crushes, their influences, their opposites, and with them, for them or against them, create memorable duets, quartets or ensembles.
Always on Mondays and Tuesdays, for the duration of the festival these meetings never failed to produce surprising results in the Winter Garden of the São Luiz Municipal Theatre in Lisbon.

co-production Prado and Alkantara Festival
Devised by Patrícia Portela
Coordination assistance Ana Pais
Production management Prado/Helena Serra
Executive production Cláudia Rodrigues, Isabel Silva and Pedro Pires
Technical support São Luiz Teatro Municipal

Friends with benefits were held at São Luiz Teatro Municipal [winter garden] on the 24, 25 and 31 May, 01, 07 and 08 June 2010

Miguel Moreira and Girl (video) | Inês Nogueira and Achada Chorus (video) | Adriana Sá and Faia (video) | Ivo Canelas and Rita Lello (video) | Vitor Rua and friends (video) | Vitor Rua and Rita Braga (video) | Gran finale Vitor Rua and friends (video) | João Fiadeiro and Rui Catalão (video) | João Galante and Ana Borralho (video) | João Aboim, Susana Mendes Silva and Bárbara Falcão Fernandes (video)