Following the success of the “Friends with Benefits” closing party at the Alkantara Festival, with the music of the Guerreiro/Galante Dj double act , the dance evenings in the Winter Gardens returned to the São Luiz Municipal Theatre in Lisbon, this time at the hands (and footsteps) of Prado. Ruminating Nights were unforgettable tributes to renowned artists, with battles and duels between Dj’s, unexpected performances, followed by unlikely cocktails, lots of make-up, too many high-heels and epic toasts accompanied by delicious appetizers.

1st Ruminating Night: The Friends of Acácio
The first Ruminating Night was entrusted to DJ Nelson Guerreiro who “looked back with his ears facing forward” and Chef Ró, “crude, simple and basic” recipes, inherited from his mother and grandmother in Amares (northern Portugal), who at one time had known Acácio Nobre, a renowned man of the nineteenth century, that the twentieth century chose to eliminate from the annals of History

2nd Ruminating Night: The Friends of Marina
The 16th October, was a smashing evening that lasted until dawn. The night was dedicated to Marina Abramovic and because she likes to dance, dance we did, to the limit. In fact, by the end of the night, not a limit remained unbroken, paying true homage to the great performer.
In “remake” mode, some of her most iconic performances were reproduced or reinterpreted: “The artist is present, the writer is absent” or “Art must be beautiful” (but so must food!), “The Onion”, “Imponderabilia”, and many other live or video happenings.
The music took us on a journey through time and space during which the Dj’s Guerreiro/Galante’s set led us to 1967 with “Happy together” by the Turtles, 1977 with “Carry out, turn me on” by Space, and even to 1981. In 1996 we danced to Tricky, ending the evening with “Souvenir” by OMD, because we believe in happy endings.
Besides the performances and non-stop music, the night was further graced with Chef Ró’s culinary experiences and his Serbo-Montenegrin inspiration, “a physical, mental, intercultural and extra-sensory endurance test”.

3rd Ruminating Night: The Friends of Verne
Prado’s final Ruminating Night, held in Winter Gardens of the São Luíz Municipal Theatre in Lisbon, on the 20th November was dedicated to Jules Verne.
What will the future be like? Will we live in Space? Will we be able to travel by telepathy? Will we discover how to read the mind? Or will we simply overcome the crisis and block up the ozone hole without having ever read Jules Verne?
This was an evening in honour of the father of almost all known predictions and scientific inventions. On November the 20th, we danced the 20.000 Leagues under the Sea, journey to the center of the earth, stepped on the moon or simply met the martian of our life in 22nd century Lisbon.
The challenge was simple: immerse ourselves in the vernian universe, dress up, and party.
As in previous editions, Chef Ró, was in charge of food, gracing us with “Around the World in 80 minutes”, a gastronomic, psychedelic, scientifico-natural and ego-emotional, quantum and futurist performance.
Music for the evening was shared between Mr. Bird, creator of the musical foundations for the classic “The Mysterious Island” and the Guerreiro/Galante duo who, based in the presidential box of the São Luíz Municipal Theatre, prepared personal set for each visitor, both private and risqué, fulfilling the wildest dreams of the Jules Verne that live in each and every one of us.

Devised and coordinated by: Patrícia Portela, Helena Serra, Isabel Garcez and Pedro Pires
Production: Prado
Guests: Dj’s Nelson Guerreiro&João Galante, Steve Bird (aka Mr. Bird), Chef Ró, Cláudia Jardim, Alface, Pedro Frutuoso, Yann Gibert, Sofia Pimentão, Carolina Hofs.
Technical support: São Luiz Teatro Municipal

18 September
16 October
20 November 2010